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JUL-AUG 2016

Select Traveler

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Page 12 of 67 13 J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 6 L E AV E S PA C E I N YO U R S U I TC A S E When you go on a FAM tour, youíre likely to meet a lot of representa- tives from hotels, attractions, destinations and other tourism organizations who are helping the hosts put on the tour. Often, they will have informa- tion packets, brochures, small gifts and other items for you. If you havenít allowed enough extra room in your suitcase or carry-on for these items, youíll have to leave them behind and miss out on the benefi t of information gathering. Nobody knows the needs, in- terests and priorities of your travel group better than you do. Hosts, guides and salespeople can pro- vide general information about their destinations and products during a FAM, but you can maximize your trip by asking follow-up questions and digging for details that might be es- pecially important for your travelers. Sometimes, your questions might even give travel providers interesting ideas they would not have consid- ered by themselves. E N G A G E A N D A S K Q U E S T I O N S Since your hosts will want to show you as much as they can in a short amount of time, FAM trips are always busier than regular tours. Be- cause of this fast pace, you canít count on your memory alone to keep track of important details and interesting facts. To make the most of your experience, take notes as you go, jotting down any important information, prices, contacts, etc. And donít forget to take photos and videos as well, which could entice travelers at home to come to the destination on one of your trips. In the travel business, the line between work and play can be fuzzy. And while youíre likely to do a lot of fun things as part of FAM tours, itís important to remember that these trips are not vacations. You are there to do business, and since your hosts have gone through a lot of time and ex- pense to put the trip on for you, itís important to be professional, punctual and attentive, even when the days are long. In the end, a positive attitude and earnest energy will help you make the trip worthwhile. D O C U M E N T YO U R J O U R N E Y W O R K H A R D A N D B E P R O F E S S I O N A L

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