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Page 22 of 67 23 J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 6 A gallery nook in St. Paul de Vence old when he died in 1985 and was buried nearby in the mountainside village of St. Paul de Vence. I heard a telling comment at breakfast the following morning as I dined with an older couple. "Too much shopping time," they said in a general reference to free time on the trip. They equated free time to "shopping time," which is a traditional way of looking at time on your own. For me, it was not shopping time at all — it was time to fi nd Nice. A GEM UNCOVERED The charming village of Antibes, a few miles west of Nice, was over- looked for many years until people like Rudolph Valentino and Charlie Chaplin discovered it as an escape from crowded Riviera hotspots. It takes its name from the term "antipolis" or "opposite the city." "It was a military town," said Becky. "But in the 1920s when those guys started hanging out there, it changed everything." As we drove up the coast to Antibes, I noticed a water skier behind a runabout knifi ng through the sea beside us. He wasn't doing anything fortune S M I L E S O N A N "A fter local auditions for Wheel of Fortune contestants, I was invited to come on the show,î said fel- low traveler Matthew Goldman of Port- land, Oregon. ìMy wife, Kasie, came with me and we walked into the studio in Portland and started looking around, just waiting our turn. It turned out one game that day was special and the grand prize was a Collette guided tour to the French Riviera with an extension to Paris. ìI got on that show and thought to myself, ëWow! I could win a trip to France!í It was just a lucky draw ó none of us had any idea weíd be on that show with that prize. ìAs the game progressed, I knew the answer, but I couldnít get a good spin. The other two players had chances and missed. Finally, it came back around to me and I gave it a good spin and it landed on ëFranceí! The answer was ìWandering around in circlesî and the only letters missing were the ìcîs. I solved it and thatís how I won this trip! Itís been a blast. ìIíll tell you something else,î said Goldman. ìIn local audi- tions, you solve puzzles to get selected. The fi rst puzzle I had to solve was ëLooking for adventure.í How prophetic was that? This entire experience has been an adventure from start to fi nish and we havenít even been to Paris yet!î O R E G O N C O U P L E Matthew Goldman won their Collette trip on Wheel of Fortune.

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