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JUL-AUG 2016

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52 M A R Q U E E I S S U E 2 0 1 6 M A R Q U E E T O U R O P E R A T O R S COLLETTE'S REDISCOVER CUBA 9 DAYS • 17 MEALS • 4 CITIES • 2 COUNTRIES Visit Cuba and explore its art, history and culture! Experience the power of travel to unite two peoples in a true cultural exchange. SOUTH PACIFIC WONDERS 19-24 MEALS • 8 CITIES • 2 COUNTRIES From the tropical splendor of the Australia's Great Barrier Reef to the ethereal beauty of New Zealand's glacial ords, enjoy the best of two amazing countries. SHADES OF IRELAND 10 DAYS • 13 MEALS • 11 CITIES • 2 COUNTRIES Set out on our most popular Irish adventure. Experience all of the charms of this enchanted country, including its welcoming people. SPAIN'S CLASSICS 11 DAYS • 14 MEALS • 7 CITIES • 2 COUNTRIES Explore Spain's priceless treasures of art, history and culture, set against a back- drop that spans sunny Mediterranean shores and grand mountains. REFLECTIONS OF ITALY 10 DAYS • 13 MEALS • 9 CITIES • 1 COUNTRY Explore the exquisite cities of Rome, Venice and Florence as you revel in the magic of one of the best vacation spots in the world: Italy. THE BEST OF EASTERN CANADA 8 DAYS • 11 MEALS • 6 CITIES • 1 COUNTRIES From the elegance of Quebec City to thundering Niagara Falls, an unforgettable journey awaits in the heart of Eastern Canada. COLLETTE COLLETTE 800-852-5655 • Contact: Jim Edwards •

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