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Page 34 of 77 33 S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6 THE JAPANESE ATTACKED PEARL HARBOR on December 7, 1941, killing 2,335 members of the military — 1,177 of whom were sailors and Marines onboard the USS Arizona, which was bombed about 15 minutes into the air assault. e USS Arizona Memorial is a simple white structure built on top of but not touching the sunken battleship and is accessible only by boat. Guests start at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center to get their free tickets to the memorial; groups can make advance reservations. e program begins with a 23-minute documentary in one of the center's two theaters, each of which holds about 150 people; then the U.S. Navy takes the group by boat to the memorial. ere, they can see the ship below and spend time in the Shrine Room, where a wall bears the names of the Arizona's dead and a smaller wall carries the names of survivors who requested their remains be brought back to the Arizona so they could rejoin their shipmates. Visitors may also notice the oil still leaking from the ship, which many call the "black tears." A mythology has been built up around the seepage that says when the last of the ship's 335 survivors die, "the tears will stop," said Rebecca Schwab, visual information specialist. Back on shore at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, guests can also visit the Remembrance Circle and see the Arizona's anchor and bell. e World War II Valor in the Pacifi c Monument, which operates the USS Arizona Memorial, also operates other attractions at the center, including the Battleship Missouri Memorial. W W W . N P S . G O V / V A L R THE NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL, or 9/11 Memo- rial, opened September 11, 2011 — the 10th anniversary of the attacks — to the victims' families and the following day to the pub- lic. e memorial features two sunken refl ecting pools on the foot- prints of the fallen World Trade Towers, and waterfalls on each side pour into the square pools below. e names of the 2,983 people who died in the September 11, 2001, and the February 26, 1993, World Trade Center attacks are listed on the memorial and often bear lovingly placed fl owers or carefully written notes. e National September 11 Memorial Museum opened in May 2014, and it has attracted 6.3 million visitors in the past two years. e complex covers eight acres of the World Trade Center's original 16-acre site. e museum documents and preserves the events and af- termath of 9/11, telling the story of that day's horrifi c events through 110,000 square feet of exhibition space. One of the most touching moments occurs on the bedrock level of the museum where remnants of the center's foundation have been preserved and visitors can see the exposed steel columns and concrete foot- ings that supported the Twin Towers. W W W . 9 1 1 M E M O R I A L . O R G NEW YORK CITY HONOLULU Courtesy National September 11 Memorial and Museum Courtesy World War II Valor in the Pacifi c National Monument/NPS N A T I O N A L S E P T E M B E R 1 1 M E M O R I A L A N D M U S E U M U S S A R I Z O N A M E M O R I A L B Y R A C H E L C A R T E R

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