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56 S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6 Among the educators is Kevin Delaney, director of visitor experience, who has appeared a couple of times on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." He does funny and hip science experiments that cap- tivate groups. For example, on "The Tonight Show," Delaney created a huge cloud right in the studio. Another time he used liquid nitrogen to explode a giant drum of Ping-Pong balls all around the studio and into the audience. The museum's staff of educators can wow any group that visits Little Rock with its program called "Awesome Science." The Museum of Discovery also has a rare Guinness World Record bipolar tesla coil that creates 250,000 volts of electrical current that is the basis for exciting science experiments. It's just one of many devices and experiments designed to spark visitors' interest in science. Though the museum reaches out to kids, it is not a children's museum per se. "We have a lot of adult groups that book this type of programming," said Thornton. "It's fun at any age. We shouldn't stop learning. We want everyone to get excited about science, technology and math." Sulphur, Oklahoma The proud Chickasaw people of Oklahoma love to show visiting groups their way of life and do so at a magnifi- cent cultural center that consists of four large buildings and beautiful grounds for outdoor events. "We are home for Chickasaw history and culture and share that with the world," said Valerie Walters, executive officer for the center. Groups call ahead and arrange the agenda for their visits with the competent marketing and tourism teams. "This may include going through the exhibit hall, participating in the stomp dance, various cultural demonstrations and lunch," Walters said. Among the buildings is the exhibit center, which houses the mosaic room, the council house, the spirit forest and the gallery, and indoor ceremonial dances by tribal natives take place there; visitors can join in the dances. Another building houses the center for the study of Chickasaw history and culture. There is also a theater and a gift shop and cafe. Outdoors, group visitors can enjoy the honor garden, which is dedicated to those who have been inducted into the Chickasaw Hall of Fame. Nearby is a replica of a traditional 1700's Chickasaw village and a delightful amphitheater for performances. The landscaping incorporates native plants from Mississippi, where the Chickasaw people began their journey, as well as plants from Oklahoma. There are plenty of special events scheduled at the cultural center Courtesy Museum of Discovery Groups can try numerous interactive features at the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock. Exhibits at Cosmosphere detail the history of American space exploration. Courtesy Cosmosphere A rocket at Kansas' Cosmosphere

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