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6 S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6 B aby boomers were born in 1946 through 1964. I was born in 1955. That puts me in the absolute center of the generation. So theoretically, I should be a prototypical baby boomer traveler. I thought it might be fun to put my- self to the test. Here are four common assumptions about my generation and my best assessment of where I fi t into those generalizations ó and more importantly, how this affects my travel preferences. Baby boomers value independence. I do, without question. I am not a follower. Iíve begrudgingly come to value the servic- es of great local tour guides because they allow me to get a quick take on a destination so I can go back later and fi nd the perfect place to have a meal or drink a beer. Baby boomers will never retire. This assumption comes from two origins: that most boomers will not be able to retire and that most boomers enjoy their careers. Iíve done OK and could probably retire in a few years, but itís not a priority. That means Iíll be taking shorter trips ó say a week to 10 days ó to accommodate my work schedule. Being gone on longer trips will never be a priority for me. Baby boomers are the rock-and-roll generation. This is indisputable. But unlike many boomers, I enjoy discovering new music and new bands. I donít do nostalgia acts. Iím the same way as a traveler ó Iím not as drawn to an iconic site as I am to the people who live around it. Itís the contemporary culture Iím after, not the temple selfi e. Baby boomers are socially aware. I am. I personally believe that nothing expands a personís perspective more than travel. In a column about my grandmother many years ago, I wrote: ìThose who see the world, see the world differently.î I believe that. Americans live in the greatest country on earth; as such, we can afford to embrace and enjoy other cultures for what they are. Email me anytime with your thoughts at perspective P U B L I S H E R ' S Mac Lacy

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