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14 N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 T ravel planners for bank clubs, alumni groups, chamber travel programs and other loyalty organizations are being invited on a cruise to Mexico in February as a special promotion by East Coast Touring Co. East Coast Touring, which has long specialized in group travel, is combining the cruise offer with attendance at the Select Traveler Conference. Travel planners can enjoy a fi ve-day, four-night cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines and the three-day Select Traveler Conference, which is being held in Ontario, California, for $499. They will receive a complete refund if they book and operate a trip with East Coast Touring within the next year. The trip will be February 1-7, 2017, and is available only through East Coast Touring. "We combined a great cruise to Mexico and a visit to Southern California in one special trip just for group travel planners, and they can basically go for free, if they travel with us," said Bob Buesing, president of East Coast Touring Co. The trip includes a total of six nights lodging: four nights in balcony staterooms on the Carnival cruise and two nights at DoubleTree by Hilton Ontario California; all taxes, fees and on-board gratuities; and all meals, entertainment and registration for the Select Traveler Conference. The trip also includes visits to Catalina Island, California; Ensenada, Mexico; and a Carnival Fun Day at Sea Experience. "This is exciting. Enjoy a cruise, Southern California and the Select Traveler Confer- ence at the price of a lifetime," said Teresa Burton of the Select Traveler Conference. "This will fi ll up fast, so if you want to go, you had better sign up now." The trip was Buesing's idea. It was, he thought, a way to thank group travel planners for the efforts they make in the travel industry. "Bob has always held an event for group travel planners the day before Select Trav- eler Conference, but this is bigger than ever," Burton said. If you are a travel leader for a loyalty program such as a bank club, alumni group, chamber program or parks and recreation district and want to take this trip, contact Sharon at 800-943-0071 or S E L E C T T R A V E L E R MEXICO P L A N N E R S C A N C R U I S E T O MOTIVATION AND LAUGHS One guest speaker is already booked for the Select Traveler Conference meeting, and attendees will likely fi nd that she is a delight. Suzette Brawner combines reality and humor for a blend of inspiration, moti- vation and hard laughter. Brawner is frequently asked to address corporate, university, church and civic groups. Most groups want her to discuss how best to communicate. "Communication has changed dramati- cally over the last 15 years with the digital age, and misunderstandings often start with miscommunication," she said. So Brawner plans to toss out suggestions on how best to get our points across to each other. She says many of us get into trouble not only because of what we say, but because we didn't carefully listen to someone else. "And then we have to scramble to get out of it," said Brawner. The professional speaker explained that there are communication problems among the various age generations and that those is- sues can crop up with people working in the travel industry, too. "We all need to slow down and listen and learn from each other. I think that would help things smooth out a bit." Brawner believes that everybody takes life way too seriously, especially in this era of cutthroat political drama. She often re- fers to her mother, a "sweet Southern lady," who always advised her that in polite com- pany, one should never discuss religion or politics. "So I have decided to stay clear of it," Brawner said. "Many people are so uptight. But I love to laugh, and I try to fi ll my life with laugh- ter. I think it's good for us. There's actually laughter therapy offered now." Suzette Brawner Conference attendees can cruise to Mexico from California.

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