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Page 24 of 79 25 N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 elementary school, where Alberto, the school's English teacher, greeted us. He let us know how much he appreciated us and the volunteers with Entrena, the teaching organization with which Fathom partners for the activity, saying, "I wanted to teach the kids right. I wanted them to work with native speakers because it's so important for them to learn it for the real world," since the jobs in tourism are some of the most sought after. We were blessed to work with two fourth-grade classes. Graham and I tutored two bright girls, teaching them the alphabet, then practicing how to pronounce and write the letters. At the end of our session, our students shared what it meant to them for us to come to the school and how appreciative they were. One little boy, Elvis, poured out his heart in a long thank-you speech that melted ours. We also got to experience this fi rsthand during recess as we were constantly patted and hugged by all the children, who were so excited for us to be there. EXPLORING LIKE A LOCAL One of the tips we heard most frequently aboard the Adonia was how affordable it was to take a cab from Amber Cove port area into the city of Puerto Children spend much of their free time playing at neighborhood baseball fi elds. English classes are important experiences for the children in San Marcos. San Marcos ISLANDS IN THE SUN CRUISES & TOURS, INC. ,+85-6?,=*- -9 -?,+ <9?8. ><3: 0<97 73+73 AT LAST! Sail with Your Group in 2017 - Before Cuba Changes! "!"!!"

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