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NOV-DEC 2016

Select Traveler

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Page 30 of 79 31 N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 Encourage your travelers to inform you of any details on the specifi cs of their limitations, so you can more easily anticipate their needs. Let them also know the advantages of traveling with a statement from their doctor covering their condition, medications and potential complications. is will be helpful to have in case of an emergency. Another precaution you can suggest to your travelers is to bring extra medication. In case of emergency, you'll want to have this backup on hand. Make sure all of your travelers know to store all medications and other necessary medical supplies in their carry-on luggage. Inexperienced travelers might not think of this, which could lead to problems if the airlines misplaced their checked bags. O N T H E R O A D By the time your motorcoach leaves the airport parking lot, you should already have a plan for your mobility-challenged travel- ers for each stop. Keep with you the infor- mation on routes that avoid stairs, steep hills and elevators not wide enough for wheelchairs. Some cities have accessible maps, but for those that don't, Google Maps provides street views for any routes you need to fi gure out so you aren't met with any sur- prises. ough in the planning phase, you should have called ahead to discuss acces- sibility with hotels, transportation services and attractions, you'll want to call each of these services the day before to confi rm your arrival. is is especially important if additional aid is needed at any stop along the trip. However, these preparations can help only so much. You should also always come with a plan B. What do you do if part of a traveler's wheelchair breaks in Florence? What hap- pens if your planned accessible route is closed for construction in Berlin? ink through anything that might go wrong, and at the very least, have a phone number you can call if it happens. For example, know the local number for medical emergencies and backup accessible motor- coaches. You could also pack spare wheelchair parts or keep an acces- sible map of the city on hand. If keeping track of all these factors seems too intimidating, you can also receive a great deal of help from travel agents or tour companies that specialize in disability travel. ey can help handle some of these medical and travel details, and help you anticipate problems you may not have previously considered. at way you can focus on making sure your disabled trav- elers fi nd enjoyment in the tour rather than worrying solely about moving from point A to point B. A C C E S S I B I L I T Y I S S U E S Special Summer Pricing for Groups Full-day excursions departing daily from two locations: Chama, New Mexico & Antonito, Colorado · Mid-May to Mid-October · Group Friendly Restrooms · Lunch Included · ADA Accessible · Bus Parking *URXS6DOHV2IßFH 1.877.890.2737

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