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NOV-DEC 2016

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Page 32 of 79 33 N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 6 " ese people are typically very well rounded — they read from multiple news sources and listen to diff erent types of music, and they represent a very specifi c spend. If you can tap into that makeup, African-Americans will spend more than any other demographic." But tapping into that market requires some insightful planning, Soares said. " e thing that is so obvious but also so often missed is to make sure your advertising refl ects people of color," she said. "When we look at your marketing and your social media, if we don't see a mixture of races, that's not go- ing to bode well for us wanting to book a trip with you." She also said that tour itineraries should include items that appeal to people of color. at doesn't have to be limited to African-American historical sites, but it can include a broad range of interesting cultural items. "In Cuba, for example, the traditional tour takes you to Ernest Hemingway places and other historic sites," Soares said. "But if you're African-American, you want to learn about the Afro-Cuban history and visit some of the diff erent religious sites they have. You want to incorporate music and culture because music is a very big part of travel for African-Americans." 'NOBODY IS REACHING OUT TO THEM' Hispanics, who are the fastest-growing population group in the United States, could represent a huge untapped potential for travel groups. " e Hispanic market in the U.S. is growing and growing, but the travel opportunities aren't really growing on par with the population growth," said Olga Ramundo, president and CEO of the Miami-area agency Express Travel and an adviser on the Hispanic com- munity to organizations such as NTA and the American Society of Travel Agents. " ere are studies that show that Hispanics are not cruising as much as the rest of the population. ey're not skiing on par with population growth. And that's because nobody is reaching out to them. ey're not being sought after." at's a big missed opportunity because Hispanics frequently travel in large family groups. "It can be anything from eight people to 50 people," she said. "It's Mom, Dad, the kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even the neighbors who feel like family." Many Hispanic groups will visit places of cultural or historical interest to them. at means Los Angeles, San Antonio and Miami, as well as international destinations such as Spain and Mexico. But Ramundo said the destination is less important than the way the trip is struc- tured and customized for Hispanic audiences. While these travelers don't necessarily re- quire tour guides that speak Spanish, they are looking for travel groups that understand their culture. "A Hispanic tour never starts at eight in the morning — you have to start later," she said. "And you never allot an hour for lunch at noon — you start at 1:00 or 1:30, and you allow more time for it." Ramundo said her children, who are now in their 30s and 40s, represent a promising demographic of Hispanic travelers. " ey're Americans, born in the U.S., but they still have that Hispanic root and back- ground," she said. " ey still observe our traditional holidays. And they travel in big, big groups with family members." Top: A Caribbean tour, courtesy Up in the Air Travel Bottom: A Hispanic group, courtesy Express Travel KENTUCKY OHIO INDIANA Cincinnati Indianapolis Louisville Lexington 1 South of I-74 & west of I-275, 20 minutes west of Cincinnati Meet a friendly herd of alpaca, tour a greenhouse, visit an orchard and find locally made specialty foods and fresh produce in the Fall. Fall Mums, Farms & Markets Tour SOUTHEAST INDIANA 800-322-8198 "Fun Farm & Market Experiences!" - Clarksville Parks & Rec, Clarksville, IN dl dl y y y y y y y he he he he rd rd rd rd rd rd d o o o o , vi vi vi vi vi vi v i si i si t t t an an an an a de de de de de de s s s s s s s pe pe pe c h h h h h h h pr pr pr pr pr pr p r pr r d od od od od od od od od o u & Rec, o f f f al al l al al al l pa pa pa pa pa pa pa a pa ca ca ca a ca c c , , to to o o t t ur ur ur ur n o o o rc rc rc rc rc r ha ha ha ha ha rd rd rd rd rd r a a a n nd d nd nd n ci ci ci al al al al a l l al l ty ty ty ty ty ty t uc uc uc uc uc c uc uc e c, OHIO

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