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NOV-DEC 2016

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2 0 1 7 T A P T R A V E L G U I D E 60 T raveling by motorcoach is fine. After all, motorcoaches get groups where they need to go and often deliver plenty of scenery along the way. But there's something about less-often-used modes of transportation that call to travelers and appeal to their sense of nostalgia. There's the romance of riding the rails, the adventure of sailing the open seas and the excitement of riding horseback in the Old West. Whether swaying in a train car, rocking on the waves or jouncing in the saddle, groups on Travel Alliance Partners tours can find plenty of other ways to travel beyond the motorcoach. GET OFF THE BUS B Y R A C H E L C A R T E R TA P TOU R S OF F E R OPP ORT U N I T I E S TO E X PL OR E ON T R A I NS , B OATS A N D MOR E B Y R A C H E L C A R T E R

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