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NOV-DEC 2016

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2 0 1 7 T A P T R A V E L G U I D E 64 H istory often gets chalked up as dusty or dull, but historic sites give visitors the chance to stand in the very spots where the course of our country shifted or where our future was decided. Step inside the small wooden house where a silversmith began his "midnight ride" to warn of the British invasion. Stand in the very spot where one of America's greatest presidents was shot. Feel the fear of harboring a fugitive slave in the root cellar of an Ohio mansion. Along with giving an authentic glimpse into history, many historic sites also give visitors the chills. Travel Alliance Partners' tours take groups to notable historic sites all around the country. Here are five that will make an impression on your travelers. AMERICA HAPPENED HERE H I STOR IC SI T E S H IGH L IGH T M A N Y TA P I T I N E R A R I E S B Y R A C H E L C A R T E R

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