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popped up, and it has tremendous business," Edmiston said. "It's really good, and it's something different." Also in Shreveport, the original Strawn's Eat Shop opened in 1958. Strawn's serves breakfast and lunch, but its motto is "home of the ice-box pie," and the pies — strawberry, chocolate, coconut, butterscotch, banana and seasonal peach — "are outstanding," he said. BALTIMORE Since the city's founding, immigrants from around the world have settled in Baltimore. Its diverse demographics helped define its culinary culture, but so did the city's specific geographic setting on the Patapsco River and the northern stretch of Chesapeake Bay. "Italian, Greek, Polish — all these long-standing communities have won- derful culinary options in Baltimore," said Amy Calvert, senior vice president of convention sales and services for Visit Baltimore. In Little Italy, "everybody has their favorite," whether it's Da Mimmo's or Aldo's Italian restaurants or any number of Italian delis with great subs and almond cookies. On the seafood side, "forever and ever, people have thought of "ITALIAN, GREEK, POLISH — ALL THESE LONG-STANDING COMMUNITIES HAVE WONDERFUL CULINARY OPTIONS IN BALTIMORE." AMY CALVERT A PO' BOY AT L AFAYE T TE'S OLDE T YME GROCERY Courtesy Lafayette Travel — F O O D F E S T I VA L S PLANTATIONS O U T D O O R C U LT U R E H I S T O R Y ATIONS A T I O N S V A L S A PLANTA A P L A N T A D O O R D O O R O U T D O U T D O U T D V F E S T I V La f a yet te Tr a ve l . c o m / E x p l o r e 8 0 0 3 4 6 1 9 5 8

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