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2 0 1 7 T A P T R A V E L G U I D E 48 S ome regions have become famous for what they have in abundance, whether it's geographical allure or cultural appeal. Explore the seaside scenery that makes Cape Cod a long-standing resort destina- tion for New England's elite, including the Kennedy family. Experience Texas cowboy culture in the Lone Star State's original Cowtown or any number of Old West communities. In southern Utah, visitors can explore extraordinary geological formations — arches, canyons, spires, towers and hoodoos — at no fewer than three national parks. Travel Alliance Partners (TAP) tours take groups to every part of the United States and showcase some of its most beloved destinations. Here is a look at some of TAP's best sellers in every region of the country. MUST- SEE AMERICA T H E SE TOU R S A R E A MONG TA P ' S BE ST SE L L E R S B Y R A C H E L C A R T E R

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