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MAR-APR 2017

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Page 16 of 51 17 M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 7 Photos by Dan Dickson G uest speakers offered delegates helpful professional advice, and travel company representatives presented fascinating travel options around the world. Suzette Brawner, a motivational speaker, offered tips for better personal communication. "Listen to people. Ask questions. Don't make assumptions," said Brawner. "We can be so testy and defensive and quick reacting. Learn the value of the delayed response. I think we're all in a hurry and can't slow down. Life isn't an emergency, it's a gift. We need to lighten up." Amber Lattner, a positivity expert, offered surprising insights into happiness and suc- cess. "About 70 [percent] to 90 percent of mental and physical health issues have a root cause in how we think. For negative thinkers, the good news is what we wire in we can also wire out. If you keep thinking right thoughts, soon you develop that mind-set." Jim Warren of Anderson Vacations in Calgary, Alberta, talked about trips across Cana- da, some by rail. "When you're going from Montreal to Quebec City, you spend a lot of time along the St. Lawrence River. It is beautiful farmland and a relaxing way to see the area, a nice break from motorcoaches. People say, 'That was such a nice break.' The trains run on time, and they're very modern." Jodi Ann Danyluk of the Norwegian Cruise Line reported that "we already have record- breaking bookings for 2018. If your groups want to travel to our many destinations on our award-winning ships, I highly recommend you block space with our tour operator partners." Susan Rosenberry of Islands in the Sun Cruises and Tours shared a trend: "We actually had more people travel by river last year than by ocean. That part of our business is grow- ing. Each trip can be tweaked or customized for you." Oliva Hershiser of Go Ahead Tours spoke of the role of the tour operator. "Safety is a huge priority for us. The world is changing. Life is unpredictable. You need experienced people to take care of things. Ease is important. We want to give you a smooth pretour, on- tour and posttour experience." Wayne Peyreau of MSC Cruises told of the company's launch of 11 ships in the next decade. "One out of every four boats being built between now and 2026 will belong to MSC Cruises. That's 25 percent of all inventory constructed in shipyards. Our product isn't well known yet in North America, but it is a key to our success." Jim Edwards of Collette gave away a trip for two with airfare to Italy and told the audi- ence, "I always loved this quote: 'We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.' That's so true," said Edwards. "We also travel for wellness, exploration and experiences. Since life is a story, we want to make travel part of your story." F R O M T H E S P E A K E R S PODIUM IDEAS SPRING BY DAN DICKSON

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