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MAR-APR 2017

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farm, now with a variety of working animals from rescue horses to a lot of chickens, ducks and sheep. You can experience what life on a 1920s farm would have been like." Another attraction that is unique to the area is Wolf Park, a wolf refuge and research facility started by a Purdue professor. Groups can tour the park during the daytime to see the wolves, bison, foxes and other animals that live there. Wolf Howl events at night are popular, too. "Tour guides can go in with the wolves and show you the pack behavior and talk about their howling communications. You get to see how the wolves interact and learn about the or- der of the pack." NORTHERN INDIANA'S AMISH COUNTRY Picturesque backroads and a thriving Amish community have made the region around Elkhart County in northern Indiana a popular group tour destination for decades. And while core attractions such as Amish Acres, the Blue Gate eatre and Das Dutchman Essenhaus re- main essential pieces of the visitor experience in the area, new ideas and opportunities are help- Amish in Elkhart County Courtesy Elkhart Co. CVB ing to give travelers reasons to stay lon- ger and do more in Amish country. A big part of the area's tourism growth is due to the Quilt Gardens ini- tiative, which has installed colorful gar- dens that mimic the patterns of Amish quilts at attractions and other sites. "is year is the 10-year anniversary of our Quilt Garden project," said Sonya Nash, director of group and experien- tial sales and marketing for the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau. "is year will have 19 gardens again, with 150,000 plants in six cities and towns. It's increasingly popular and ex- citing with both residents and visitors." By Larry Ladig, Raidious Vonnegut Museum CLARKSVILLE • JEFFERSONVILLE • NEW ALBANY • (812) 282-6654 SO CLOSE TO BOURBON COUNTRY, YOU CAN TASTE IT... P l u s, h i s to r y, A r t , a n d C u i s i n e, d i s t i n c t l y S o I N. S o m ewh e re b e t we e n t h e h u s t l e & b u s t l e o f a b i g c i t y, a n d t h e q u a i n t c h a r m o f S m a l l tow n U S A , l i e s a p l a c e s o p e r fe c t a n d S o I N. J ust a bridge away from Louisville –hos onference (Feb. 4-6) – the B ourbon Trail, and a host of other attractions, SoIN is ideally located with one of the lowest bed taxes in the region. Add to all this 1 3 Must-Do Southern Indiana Experiences... from ar t and wine to ukuleles and Red Hots...and your group will be clamoring to return. Turn on the SoIN. BOOK US TODAY! SOUTHERN INDIANA POST- CT CONFERENCE FAM TRIP

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