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MAR-APR 2017

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26 M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 7 In honor of that anniversary, residents have arranged for a series of 56 outdoor sculptures to be displayed in six cities in the region along- side the quilt gardens. e bronze sculptures were all created by one New Jersey artist and depict everyday events in American communi- ties, such as a child licking an ice cream cone or a police officer writing a ticket. "One of the pieces is 25 feet tall and weighs 27,000 pounds," Nash said. "It's an interpreta- tion of the painting 'American Gothic.' We're going to have a giant couple with a pitchfork standing in downtown Elkhart. It will be here for four months for the duration of the Quilt Garden season." Groups that make the trip to see the gardens and sculptures can also take advantage of numer- ous interactive experiences offered by the CVB, including opportunities to meet Amish families and to sample some of the handmade goods in workshops and stores throughout the area. "We find that people like the authentic, the rural, the opportunity to meet people and get to know personalities," Nash said. "e in-home Amish meal experience, the Amish camel dairy farm, the family making baskets, the Amish coffin-maker: ose personal, interactive expe- riences are really taking off." Photos courtesy Elkhart Co. CVB Quilt garden Amish camel farm "WE FIND THAT PEOPLE LIKE THE AUTHENTIC, THE RURAL, THE OPPOR- TUNITY TO MEET PEOPLE AND GET TO KNOW PERSONALITIES." Located one hour north of Indianapolis and two hours south of Chicago, off of Interstate 65. We are home of Purdue University and home of exciting attractions featuring art, architecture, outdoor adventures, clean energy, agritourism and history! Wolf Park Contact Ashley Gregory and start planning today, SAMARA, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house Wabash & Erie Canal Park Agritourism — SONYA NASH, ELKHART CO. CVB

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