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46 M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 7 G R E A T F O L L O W - U P I magine coming across a 5-year-old photo of you stand- ing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. Memories of the trip instantly surge back, allowing you to relive parts of the experience through reminiscence. As loyalty group travel planners, you should always tap into this lasting power of travel. After a group trip with you, members will forever tie that joyful feeling of eating pizza in Italy or the awe of the Rocky Mountains to your organization. Instead of letting that memory fade with time, do what you can to keep it strong. Continue to engage your travelers post tour using targeted follow-up tactics after each tour. ese strategies will keep your tour fresh in travelers' minds years after the trip so they can't wait to tell their friends they have booked yet another adventure with your program. S U R V E Y S E R V I C E Ask your group to reflect on their tour before it officially ends at the farewell meal. You can hand out surveys asking groups to rate every- thing about the trip from the hotels to the at- tractions to the guides. Leave plenty of room for comments so you can fully understand their ratings. Evaluations allow you to understand how much your travelers enjoyed the trip and what ways you might improve future tours. When you are asking them to provide their thoughts on the tour, go ahead and ask them about future trips while you have their attention. "We come up with 12 destination options and give a survey to our members to let us know what they are most interested in," said Nicola Wissler, education and workforce development manager for the Visalia Chamber of Commerce. "It helps us plan for future trips. If there is consistent interest in one trip that we can't do yet, we'll save it for a future year." Prioritize the answers of past travelers, since these mem- bers are more likely to book your tours in the future. In these handouts, don't just ask about the tour and future destinations; also let them know what upcoming trips the orga- nization is promoting now, before the euphoria from the pres- ent tour has worn off. P H O T O C O N N E C T I O N After a vacation, people tend to fall back into old routines, so a well-timed email filled with photos from your recent trip helps travelers reconnect with the group. You can either send some of your photos from the trip or send out a Dropbox invi- tation so everyone can post their photos in one place. Make sure you at least send out a group photo you took somewhere during the trip, since they may not have such a photo. People tend to treasure photos, so if you want a sou- venir that won't be thrown out, send some images BY ELIZA MYERS marketing Y O U R P R O G R A M

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