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Page 46 of 51 47 M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 7 of their trip by email or mail. Carolyn Grieve, business devel- opment and adventure coordinator for Arvest Bank Benton County, used photography not only to jog people's memories about their recent trip but also to spread the word about the bank's tours. "I created a brag book of each trip that they would be telling their neighbors and friends about," said Grieve. "I put pictures of everyone that went on the trip as a memory tool for my cus- tomers. I had a number of people after that called me and said they didn't know the bank offered trips until they saw their friend's brag book." Social media can also engage your group and others post trip. For example, one Facebook post from your page that tags other members will allow the travelers and their social media connections to see the image. With social media, you can even post something a year later as a reminder of last year's fun that might encourage them to go ahead and sign up for another trip. FA S T F R I E N D S Experiencing the grandeur of a destina- tion together can bond people in ways that can't be duplicated. Veterans of group travel know how quickly strong friendships can form on the road, which is why you should help cement those ties after the trip. When you send out photos post trip, include the email ad- dresses of the other trav- elers in the information. If your members agree to share their contact informa- tion, it is an easy way for the group to keep tabs on each other. Travelers who made friends on one of your group tours are likely to book other trips, since they know they can make those close bonds on a tour where they might not know anyone else. Some travelers might even develop lasting friendships, where they book tours together to stay connected. However, if for no other reason, you should always follow up with your members post trip because you benefit from the authentic connections made during these tours as well. Many group travel planners admit these friend- ships are their favorite part of the job. "I love keeping in touch with groups after the trip," said Amy Klus, assistant director, alumni travel for Northwestern University. "e group I went to Florence with still emails each other, and that trip was a couple of years ago. e best part is making those personal connections." S P R I N G S Y O U F O R W A R D

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