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Page 10 of 51 11 M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 7 ISLANDS IN THE SUN CRUISES & TOURS, INC. BANKCLUBS@CRUS-SUN.COM WWW.CRUS-SUN.COM CUBA 4 - NIGHT AND LONGER CRUISES TO CUBA ROUND TRIP FROM MIAMI! AT LAST! Sail with Your Group in 2018 - Before Cuba Changes! 800.278.7786 ASK US ABOUT NEW LOWER RATES! nior center's director, who made her an assistant three years later. In 1989, she became director of the facility, which meant the travel program also fell to her. "At the time, we were just doing a few trips a year," said Mosteller. "People started coming to me and asking for more trips. I thought it was a good idea, too. I love travel. I could be on the road all the time." e program grew from offering a few trips a year to monthly day trips and an average of 15 annual overnight trips. "It snowballed into this program that is separate from the senior center but still linked to the senior center," said Mosteller. "It developed because when you ask people what they want to do, they want to travel." U N T E T H E R E D Talking with Mosteller about her travel schedule can make your head spin with excitement. A sampling of the group's upcoming trips includes South America, the Canadian Rockies, Southern California, Iceland, Hawaii, Poland, Alaska, Greece and a cruise on the Colum- bia River. Mosteller also plans day trips and less expensive domestic trips that sell out quickly. "I try to find trips that start at $200 all the way up," said Mosteller. "If I'm doing my job as director of the senior center, I can't just get locked into offering international trips. I want to give everyone a chance to travel." Much of the demand for Mosteller's menu of trips is generated at an annual travel party, where about 400 people attend and many of the upcoming trips sell out on the spot. e Select Traveler Confer- ence has also aided Mosteller over the past three years by helping her make connections with travel partners. "e conference has helped me get to the point where I can let com- panies bid on a trip," said Mosteller. "I can get four or five bids on a trip and then select the ones that I want based on the itinerary and prices. I'm thankful that the Select Traveler Conference started including parks and recreation groups because there are a lot of us out there traveling." F O L L O W T H E G I A N T To help ease the nerves of passengers intimi- dated by navigating massive airports, Mosteller has one solution: follow her 6-foot-5-inch hus- band, John. "My husband is really tall, so I tell them to just look for the tall guy," said Mosteller. "He helps lead them through the airport. We're a great team. He may lead them, and I follow behind to make sure everyone's with us. Airports are not people friendly anymore, so you have to be there with your group." Since John's retirement in 2009, he accom- panies the Recycled Teenagers on all their trips, which encouraged Mosteller to add more travel to the group's schedule. "I don't send my people; I go with my people," said Mosteller. "To me, that's the secret of being a good group leader. You have to build that trust with the client from the first payment to when they get off the bus." Mosteller serves as her group's security blanket, which is why seniors who had never set foot on an airplane felt safe enough to attempt it for the first time with her. She also encourages them to try adventurous activities while on tours, such as zip lining, whitewater rafting and indoor skydiving. "I've been asked how I get people to go on my trips," said Mostell- er. "You've got to treat your travel club like a business. You've got to sell yourself. You've got to love it, and they will know if you love it." Mosteller's charisma helped convince the seniors in Dalton to em- brace their inner explorers and create some incredible memories. De- spite this accomplishment, Mosteller remains humble. "I don't take any credit for it," said Mosteller. "I think the Lord has just blessed me. I'm thankful for the job that I have." • Be flexible. Know that not everything is going to work perfectly but that it will work out. • Just remember: This too shall pass, whether good or bad. • Life is short. Be thankful for each breath you take. Make someone's day with a smile. T R A V E L tips

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