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12 M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 7 have you learned how to share? T R A V E L T O O L B O X C hances are you're already us- ing social media in your per- sonal life. So why not put it to work promoting your organi- zation when you travel? Group trips are ideal opportunities for social media promotion. They're perfect for taking photos, shooting video, sharing travel highlights and engaging with oth- ers on the trip. If you learn to make stra- tegic use of social media when you travel, you can add an element of fun and enter- tainment to the experience for the people traveling with you, as well as create some travel envy and pique interest in your pro- gram among those who aren't joining you on the road. Use these five tips to make the most of social media when your group travels. The time investment will be minimal, but the returns in connections and visibility can be fantastic. No matter which social platform you use, hashtags always make group experiences more fun. You should create a fun and memorable hashtag for your travel group — something like #Soon- ersTravel — as well as for each individual trip — like #SoonersTake- Manhattan. Encouraging your travelers to use these hashtags when they post about the trip will give them something fun to rally around and may help remind them to post more. It will also make it easy for you to find what everyone is saying online by searching for those tags on Facebook or Twitter afterward. B Y B R I A N J E W E L L # YO U N E E D A H A S H TA G

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