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MAY-JUN 2017

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Page 46 of 51 47 M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 7 Our educational focus is one thing that makes Vanderbilt trips so special." P L AY W I T H O P T I O N S Knowing you will include immersive activities at national parks is one thing, but knowing which to choose can prove challenging. Some loyalty program directors handle this by segmenting their tours to appeal to various levels of physical fitness. is can allow the tour to either embrace outdoor ad- venture for more active travelers or stick to soft adventure for the less-mobile members. Oberlin College offers annual OBIEAdventures for mem- bers seeking highly active trips to national parks and other wild areas of the country. "e ages really vary on these trips," said Dani- elle Young, executive director of the alum- ni association. "e group is often kayak- ing, biking, hiking or camping." Instead of water- ing down the tours because of worries that older mem- bers might not be as interested, Oberlin Col- lege presented an adventure product that they thought would attract only younger alums but that ended up also interesting older members. If segmenting tours with highly active and passive activities won't work with your group, optional excursions can help all types of travelers feel welcome on the tour. For example, one af- ternoon in eodore Roosevelt National Park allows members to choose between a guided horseback ride and a ranger talk about the president's Maltese Cross Cabin. ough finalized details may differ greatly, immersive park tours allow participants to connect more deeply with these na- tional treasures. P A R K S — L I V E T H E M

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